We, at Hospice of Warren County, would love to hear your story about your experiences with our organization. Here, on the “Testimonials” page, we will attempt to collect those stories for others to see. If you have a story you’d like to share, please send it to Lisa To, Executive Director of Hospice of Warren County, via email (tlisa@howc.org) or via phone (814-723-2455).

“I could not ask for a better team from hospice.  They were all very caring and giving people.  I do not know where I would have been without them.”

“Excellent, great support, very caring team.  I’ve been involved with many different hospices.  This care was A#1 and the best.”

“Hospice is what got my brother the pain medication he needed, and hospice was there to bathe him and make sure he was comfortable.  I only wish he could have gotten that level of care sooner.”

“They made life much easier for us during this difficult time.  It was comforting knowing hospice would be there to monitor his care.  Hospice was only a phone call away.”

Testimonial – “Exceptional Care”

“It is hard to find adequate words to express our gratitude for the exceptional care you provided.  You helped make the difficult journey at the end a little more bearable and our family is so very thankful.
Knowing we had someone to call at any hour of the day was exceptionally comforting.”   — G.J. and family

Testimonial  – “My Father’s Health”

In my father’s final years he had a lot going on health-wise – congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, diminished kidney function, diabetes…sadly not all that uncommon for a man in his 80’s.  A severely low blood sugar event landed him in the hospital and then in a nursing home for transitional care preparing him to return home.  Unfortunately, one complication after another caused my Dad’s health to decline to the point where he experienced severe weight loss, became bedridden, and was sleeping most of the time.  Our family found ourselves in a situation where we were doubtful that he would see his next birthday which was only a couple months away.

I was familiar with the services that Hospice of Warren County provides and thought that maybe it was time to shift our focus from cure to his comfort for his remaining days. I had heard that often the only regret of families that had loved ones in Hospice care was that they wish they had called Hospice for help sooner. I feared that maybe, we too, had waited too long but I called hoping Hospice could help improve the situation for my father and the family. Seeing a loved one suffer takes a toll on the family and everyone feels like they are failing because they can’t make the situation better for someone they love.

It was late in the evening on a Sunday night by the time I made the call and I left a message.  I don’t know if even an hour had passed and I received a call from a Hospice nurse.  She took some information from me and assured me that Hospice would make the necessary contacts with the Nursing facility and his doctor so they could evaluate appropriate next steps. That conversation made me feel like we had regained some control and were taking a positive step for my Dad.

By the next morning, they had already evaluated my father’s condition. Hospice staff took the time to walk us through what they saw and explain how they could help. At a very difficult time for all of us, they made it exceptionally easy.

The trained Hospice team reevaluated his medicine with a focus on comfort and quality of life.  Trained Hospice staff were on-site with him that same day providing an additional level of care and the extra TLC he deserved.  They made so much happen so quickly – it was amazing.  Time spent with my Dad became much more positive for my Dad and for the family.  We focused our time on just being with him instead of visits being overshadowed with thoughts of wishing we could do more but not knowing what to do.

We immediately saw an improvement in his physical appearance and within days we started to see improvements in his appetite and a significant reduction in him experiencing pain.  Within a couple weeks he was much more alert, less confused, conversant, and spending much of his day out of bed in his chair and reading the paper.  His condition continued to improve over the coming weeks to the point that he was actually doing too well to remain in Hospice care! Amazing.

We celebrated his birthday that year and representatives from Hospice made that celebration extra special by recognizing him for his military service.  That was a very proud and touching day for my Dad and the entire family – one I doubt we would have had if we hadn’t call Hospice of Warren County.

We are all so grateful for the exceptional expert care the Hospice of Warren County team of trained staff, nurses and physicians provided.

Testimonial – “You are Angels.”

“You are angels. I would like to thank each and every one of you for the love, the concern and the care taking you have and are giving me. I’m grateful you have been here for me. You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day. Again, thank you ladies.

–Tom and Lisa

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