Planning Assistance

Hospice of Warren County encourages individuals to reflect on their personal choices regarding health care decisions. However, reflection is not enough. Individuals need to take the additional steps of sharing their preferences with their loved ones and making their preferences known, most preferably in writing.

Having conversations about end-of-life decisions may be uncomfortable for you. However, knowing your preferences and following your personal wishes is a gift, relieving loved ones of the burden of trying to imagine what you want. Taking the time to reflect and sharing your important health care decisions with loved ones will bring greater understanding and comfort to everyone involved.

Make your healthcare choices known

Numerous choices need to be made regarding the kind of health care your want at the end of life. Knowing your own preferences and communicating them with loved ones is an important aspect of planning.

Take control of your medical future

There are many ways that you can decide and document, in advance, the type of care you would like to receive if you were to become permanently unconscious or terminally ill and unable to communicate.

Click here for a Living Will form.  

Additional information or sample packets of Living Wills, Medical Directives, and other resources are available at our office.  Contact us today – we are here to help you.


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