Pediatric Hospice & Palliative Care


Children and their families should have access to the care and emotional support they need to live life as fully as possible. We’re here so that they don’t have to face these challenges alone. Some of the ways we help provide support:

  • Don’t have to face their challenges alone
  • Focus on optimizing quality of life
  • Provide an avenue of support to validate family’s concern
  • Collaborate with community providers to advocate for the child and his / her family
  • Listen to and work together with children with serious illness and all those who care for them.
  • Volunteer support for respite

Our Team includes:
Social workers
Registered nurses
Music, Art, Pet, Physical, Occupational, Speech therapies

Who qualifies?:

Any child with a complex medical condition that includes one or more of the following:

  • condition causes significant pain, emotional, social, or spiritual distress
  • condition causes fragmentation of medical care and communication
  • condition disrupts the ability for the child to participate in usual age-appropriate activities
  • condition results in multiple and / or prolonged hospitalizations
  • condition requires complex decision-making
  • goals of care discussions would be helpful

Goals of the Program:

  • provide comprehensive care to meet medical, social, emotional, and spritual needs of children with life-limiting, complex medical conditions and their families
  • to assist with communication and coordination of care between various providers
  • to assist patients and families with making difficult, informed decisions regarding various treatment and care options
  • to assist patients and families in defining and meeting their goals and wishes to optimize quality of life for their family system.


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