Letter From The Director

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website.  Despite the universal certainty of death and dying, the subject remains taboo for many in our modern society.  Coupled with tremendous advances in medicine’s ability to cure and control many human diseases, we may have come to believe death is optional.  Whether due to frailty or disease, when faced with our own or a loved one’s mortality, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with the realities of the process. 

Hospice of Warren County is the area’s only not-for-profit agency dedicated to helping people in the days, weeks, and even months leading up to an anticipated decline and / or death.  Whether you are the potential recipient of hospice care, a family member, care giver, or just curious, our website will help inform your decisions and alleviate your concerns regarding hospice. 

Hospice of Warren County offers home nursing care, respite care for the family, durable medical equipment (such as hospital beds and bedside commodes), medication, and oversight, all by certified and licensed medical professionals and competent volunteers.  We even offer a beautiful dedicated hospice residence for patients who desire it: one of the few in the state.  Visit our testimonial page and read the words of actual patients and families about the exceptional care we provide.  So many people tell us that they wish they’d known about us much sooner.  Most of our services are typically covered by insurance or Medicare.

We also offer non-hospice services dedicated to palliative care and grief counseling.  Both fill a void in our community and have been very-well received.  Visit our Schorman Center website at www.schormancenter.org for more in-depth information on our grief support services.

I encourage you to browse through our site.  We welcome your questions and comments either by phone or email.  Feel free to stop in our office.  And remember, when people need it the most, Hospice means Help. 

Lisa To

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