Every gift enhances the care we give to our patients, their families, and the community we serve. Your donations support our comprehensive Hospice program, including the John and Orpha Blair Hospice Residence, Palliative Care Service, DeFrees Support Program, and our extensive Bereavement Services.

Gifts to Hospice of Warren County are also given to honor an individual and many gifts are given to honor the memory of deceased loved ones.

Hospice of Warren County, a non-profit affiliate of Warren General Hospital received contributions during the month of September, enhancing the care we give to our patients, their families, and the community we serve. Donations were received in memory of Gloria Achenson, Virgil Albaugh, William C. Anderson, John Baker, Shirley Beardsley, Carl Bell, Mark Bevevino, Marilyn Lyke Bonace, Sam Borland, Melissa Braley, Paul Briggs, Pat Brown, Robert Burford, Susan Burleigh, Anita Carlett, Calissa Carlson, Janet Carlson, Suzanne Spattifor Carlson, Larry & Dorothy Carnahan, Ruby Cataldo, Umberto Cataldo, Dan Cole, Francis & Verna Conway, Patricia Corbran, Marcia Cosmano, Steve Domville, John W. Downey, Rev. John Dugan, Vernon Dyer, Peter Ekblom, Norman “Dale” English, Family members, Roy & Dorothy Fasenmyer, Lena & Elfonso Figliuzzi, Walter & Stella Fill, Marlene Fiscus, Scott & Tamra Forrester, Charles Franklin, Phil Freeman, John German, Sandra & Jaime Goldenberg, Donald R. Haehn, Susan & Derek Hagemeyer, Joan Hamel, Gloria Hancock, Clyde Harman, Wilbert & Catherine Hutchison, Phillip M. Ittel, Alice Johnson, Darrell Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Bob Jones, Helen Juliano, Bronwyn Kegel, Thomas Kerr, Alberta Kirkpatrick, Nancy Kitelinger, Louis Kittell, Blanche Klebacha, Charles Knopf, Bill & Norma Konkle, Roman Kowalski, Patricia Lemay, Donald Lewis, Francis G. Littlefield, Dave Lobdell, Arlene Lookenhouse, Rhea I.Lord, Thomas Lynn, Paul Mahan, Brenda Bonace Martin, William J. Massa, Rev. G. Donald McAfoose, Charles H. McConnell, Bud & Ellen McGraw, Regis Mihallik, Doris Moore, Dale Morgan,Dubs Morningstar, Alice, Axel & Cathy Nasman, Thomas O’Brien, Charles O’Hosky, Florence Palmer, Audry Papalia, Joyce Papalia, Lloyd J. Paul, Kent Peterson, Joseph & Irene Pollock, Helen Pusateri, Sam Pusateri, Donald Quiggle, Sara Raymond, Allan & Martha Sampson, Janet Schager, Harley B. See, Dorothy Seiz, Jennifer Seymour, Bud Shuman, John & Lucille Simmons, Nicholas & Barbara Stanko, Allen Stewart, Mary E. Stites, Durelle Suppa, Joe Suppa, Bev Swanson, Robert A. Swanson, Tristan P. Swanson, Gretchen Tingwall, Alice Tomasone, Laura Tomasone, Pat Valone, Polly VanVolkinburg, Susan Ward, William “Bill” Warner, Richard Webb, Tom White, Margery Woods, Cathryn Yeagle, Robert Youngquist.
Other donations were given in honor of Dawn Hagberg, All of Hospice of Warren County, Gary Kittell, Mark Kittell, Zina Kittell, and Keith & Cindy Price.

As Hospice of Warren County is a not-for-profit organization, all gifts are indeed tax-deductible. Thank you for considering supporting our program with your generous gifts.

Gifts As Part Of Estate Planning
Click here for information about planned giving opportunities including Memorial Contributions, cash contributions, and Planned Gifts as part of your estate planning.

Membership Donations, Memorials or Honorariums
Donations may be mailed to:
Hospice of Warren County
P.O. Box 68
Warren, PA 16365

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