Every gift enhances the care we give to our patients, their families, and the community we serve. Your donations support our comprehensive Hospice program, including the John and Orpha Blair Hospice Residence, Palliative Care Service, DeFrees Support Program, and our extensive Bereavement Services.

Gifts to Hospice of Warren County are also given to honor an individual and many gifts are given to honor the memory of deceased loved ones.

Hospice of Warren County, a non-profit affiliate of Warren General Hospital received contributions during the month of August, enhancing the care we give to our patients, their families, and the community we serve. Donations were received in memory of Virgil Albaugh, Vivian Alexander, Helen A. Andersen, Mary Arrigo, Patricia Bachko, Walter Baker, Louise Beck, Carl G. and Evelyn S. Berglund, Ann J. Blackman, Alice Storm Brown, William Carlson, Pete and Alice Christensen, Margaret Christian, Genevieve Clark, Dan Cole, Francis Conway, Lyle “Pork” Connacher, Jr., Marcia Cosmano, Nancy Daye, Daniel “Dan” Doherty, Thomas J. Donnelly, Boone Downey, John W. Downey, Marilyn Durnell, Peter Ekblom, Nick Fanaritis, Roy and Dorothy Fasenmyer, Al and Lena Figliuzzi, Marlene Fiscus, Bud Follett, Mark Forsgren, James Franklin, Patricia Franklin, Jill Fraser, Dorothy and Leroy Gibson, Andrew Glotz, Vick E. Graziano, Terri Gruver, Clyde Harman, Dorothy Harris, Jack Hoffman, Dorothy Howell, Wilbert and Catherine Hutchison, Lois Jewart, Darrell Johnson, Sarah Anne Smith Johnson, Lewis L. (Bud) Jones, Bonnie Kegel, John Kent, Grace Kerr, Charles Knopf, Frank Kuzminski, Corky Latimer, Harry Launer, Donald E. Lewis, Ruth Lind, Stacey Lindsay, Thomas E. Lynn, Doris Mangione, Brenda Bonace Martin, Fred Martin, Pam Thompson Martin, William J. Massa, Sr., Rev. Donald McAfoose, Katie McCanna, Randall McCray, Bud and Ellen McGraw, Grace McKown, Roger Mesmer, Vesta Moore, Jennifer Morell, Dale Morgan, Billy Moriarity, Sally J. Morrison, Tom Nelson, Carlton Olson, Lloyd J. Paul, Florence Palmer, Helen Perry, Kent Peterson, Marlene Peterson, James Pickering, Inez Porter, Sam Pusateri, Tom Raker, Tom Schorman, Doris See, Harley See, Dorothy Seiz, Patrick Sisk, Sr., Michael Skelin, Esme E.C. Smith, Arun Sood, Wayne Souders, Ronald Spadafore, Fred and Mildred Stack, Nicholas Stanko, Mary Straneva, Durelle Suppa, Robert A. and Tristan P. Swanson, Elsie Taydus, Gretchen Tingwall, Gayle Wade Thompson, Pat Valone, Leroy VanTassel, Elmer and Mark VanVolkinburg, Susan Wade, Joseph A. Walsh, Fred Watt, Richard Webb, Ann L. Wharton, Jay White, Thomas White, Irene Williams, Joyce Wohlers, Margery Woods, Clara Gelotte Wooster, Ed and Lena Wozneak, Cathryn Yeagle, Anna Yonek.

Other donations were made in honor of Father James Gutting on his 40th Anniversary in the priesthood, Dorothy Hilliard, John Hudock, Keith & Cindy Price, Elsa Redding and Mary Schorman.

As Hospice of Warren County is a not-for-profit organization, all gifts are indeed tax-deductible. Thank you for considering supporting our program with your generous gifts.

Gifts As Part Of Estate Planning
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Membership Donations, Memorials or Honorariums
Donations may be mailed to:
Hospice of Warren County
P.O. Box 68
Warren, PA 16365

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