Every gift enhances the care we give to our patients, their families, Your donations support our comprehensive Hospice program, including the John and Orpha Blair Hospice Residence, Palliative Care Service, DeFrees Support Program, and our extensive bereavement services and the community we serve.

Each August, we conduct our annual membership drive and we welcome you to become a member of Hospice of Warren County. In addition to supporting our programs in very significant ways, members also receive our newsletters, are invited to all of our special programs, and become eligible for serving on our advisory and governing boards.

Gifts to Hospice of Warren County are also given to honor an individual and many gifts are given to honor the memory of deceased loved ones.

Hospice of Warren County, a non-profit affiliate of Warren General Hospital received contributions during the month of May, enhancing the care we give to our patients, their families, and the community we serve. Donations were received in memory of the following: Bill Anderson, Lloyd Anderson, James Apicella, Carolyn Atkins, Marcia Baker, Kathy Beach, G. Allen Benedict, Ray Berdine, Carl G. and Evelyn S. Berglund, Betty Bloomgren, Mike Bross, MaryAnn Buerkle, Myrna Burdick, Lynette R. Callan, Betty Campbell, Priscilla Ann Carr, Marion Care, Pete and Alice Christensen, Mary Corry, George W. Crozier, Martin H. Dickey, the Norman Dunn Family, Charlene Farr, Thelma Ferver, William Fitzgerald, Rhett and Ken Foreman, Donald Fox, Ruth Freeman, Maxine and Eric Frid, Theresa Gleason, Ethel Grames, Lloyd Grames, Jane Gruber, Jim Hackett, Clyde Harman, Bill and Irene Highhouse, Joan Hillyard, Dan Honhart, Catherine and Wilbert Hutchinson, Charles L. Larson, Carla Lewis, George Maleski, Frieda Mansfield, David Martin, Jim McMichael, David Merenick, Betty and Merle Mitcham, William Moriarity, Virgil Nelson, Lois Niederer, Tom O’Brien, Audry Papalia, Carl Papalia, John Papalia, Joe Papalia, Mamie Papalia, Nancy Papalia, Orlando Papalia, Ralph Papalia, Rose Papalia, Ross Papalia, Theresa Papalia, Bill Pasquerette, Yolanda Pasquerette, Lloyd J. Paul, Ginny Reiff, Rob Rickerson, Joyce Rohlin, Martha L. Sampson, Mark Scalise, Tom Schorman, Joy Shaw, Walter R. Smith, Joyce Spattifor, Pat Spattifor, Victor Spattifor, Pete Suppa, Gretchen Tingwall, Lily and Cho To, Arthur Ward, Fay S. Weirich, Barbara Wellman, David Whipple, Ed and Lena Wozneak, Edwin Zevotek and deceased members of the Come and Sabella Family.

Other donations were made in honor of Bob and DeAnn King, Elsa Redding and in honor of Kerry Abbott’s retirement.

As Hospice of Warren County is a not-for-profit organization, all gifts are indeed tax-deductible. Thank you for considering supporting our program with your generous gifts.

Click here for more information about planned giving opportunities including Memorial Contributions, cash contributions, and Planned Gifts as part of your estate planning.

Donations may be mailed to:Hospice of Warren County, P.O. Box 68, Warren, PA 16365

Or donate online through PayPal:

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