VA Coverage

Important Link: Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs

The Veterans” Administration works closely with Hospice of Warren County to coordinate optimal hospice and palliative care for veterans.  The VA Hospice Benefit mimics the Medicare Hospice Benefit.  Veterans who have both VA and Medicare or Medicaid benefits may choose which Hospice Benefit they would like to utilize – Medicare, Medicaid, or VA.  Either way, Hospice care is covered in full.

Veterans who choose Hospice care receive a full scope of non-curative medical and support services for their terminal illness.  Hospice care also supports the family and loved ones of the veteran through a variety of services, enhancing the value of the VA Hospice Benefit.

The VA Hospice Benefit, like the Medicare and Medicaid Hospice Benefit, provides for:

  •       Physician services
  •       Nursing care
  •       Medical supplies
  •       Drugs for symptom management and pain relief
  •       Short-term inpatient and respite care
  •       Homemaker and hospice aide services
  •       Counseling
  •       Social work services
  •       Spiritual care
  •       Specially trained volunteers
  •       Bereavement services


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