What patients & families say about us

“Hospice was a word my father originally feared, as his chronic illness progressed.  He associated it with giving up, with death.  However, as his final days approached, and we moved him from the hospital to the warm, tender care of the staff at the John & Orpha Blair Residence in Warren, PA, he immediately understood that the word actually stands for compassion, dignity, comfort, and a higher quality of life during one’s final journey.  My father was not a conventionally religious man, but in those final hours, as he held our hands and, in his words, tried to drive some new vehicle he had never learned to operate, “Forward, then in reverse, then forward…” (amusing to the end), I believe he knew that we were surrounded by earthly angels – the nurses, staff and volunteers of Warren Hospice.  Among them, he was able to let go of his fear, embark upon his final voyage peacefully and unafraid.  And among them we, who had rushed from far corners of the country, were able to accompany him along that path within a place of warmth, comfort, and unwavering support.  From his room, he and we looked out upon woods which surround a yard where deer, squirrels and birds come daily to feed and play.  We were offered family accommodations in upstairs bedrooms, meals at any time of day or night, and Dad was provided medications to relieve discomfort, and massages to ease his tired body.  As his final night fell, and the soft lighting from the lamps chased the shadows from the corners, his choice to refuse medication was honored, he traveled peacefully forward in his new vehicle (no longer slipping into reverse), while in the Living Room his little great-granddaughter learned to crawl on the soft rug. 

“We felt so grateful to and blessed by all of the people who are Hospice of Warren – Dad’s angels.  We can never adequately thank them for the skills, compassion, love and tears they shared with us and our father, and with others who find comfort in their care.

“On behalf or our Dad, we would like to encourage people to support and donate to Hospice of Warren County, and the Blair Hospice Residence, so this remarkable non-profit organization may continue to provide their most-personal end-of-life care to others.”

“I thank God for sending me this angel.”

“It is a good feeling knowing I can call on a volunteer and increase my hours as needed.”

“My volunteer is the sweetest person and I look forward to her weekly visits.”

“Words cannot express how much our family appreciated the care given to our mother during her brief illness.  Our father and we could not have gotten through this difficult time without the care and guidance given by your team. Thank you so much for everything.  You are truly special people!”

To everyone at Hospice who worked so hard and did so much to make my husband’s days as pain free and comfortable as possible and to care for me with my own sorrow I can’t thank you enough.  I will never forget all of you.  You are such special people and a real blessing to everyone you serve.  God bless you!”

Thank you so much for the kindness you expressed to us in the passing of “our loved one.”  We will never forget it.  Every one of you does such a great service to people in need.  Thank you so much.”

Your team is really the greatest!! Everyone has been so supportive.  There really never can be the right words or enough words to really express how much each and every one of you have helped and how much it means to my family.  Our Mom truly loved you and so do we.  Keep up the wonderful work you do with such care and compassion.”

I am so grateful for the wonderful and loving care that (my husband) and our family received from you very special people.  I have thought of you as my second and very supportive family.  No other organization can equal Hospice of Warren County.”

Well, here we are once again, writing to thank our good friends at Hospice foe the remarkable service you perform for our fortunate community.  (Our) family is forever in your debt for the love and care you have shown us over the years, especially these very difficult three years past.  You surely know our profound affection for your entire staff; it increases with each day.  We love you all.”

“We have had the opportunity to spend time with many of you over the last year.  We are so grateful for the efforts of each one of you.  It is heartwarming in the midst of sadness, to be reminded of the many dear people that have made it their mission to help others during such difficult times.  Thanks to all of you for being such caring people.  Your support through this experience has been deeply appreciated.”

To each and every one of you at Hospice, I will be eternally grateful for all the care, kindness and tender love you gave (my husband) and me to make his last days with as comfortable and pain free as possible.  You are a special group that God placed here and I shall never forget what you did for us, and are continuing to do for others.”

God bless you all!! What a wonderful group.  Your caring and compassionate ways made our last days Special.  I thank you many times and again.”

Words can’t express the gratitude we have for the whole Hospice team The care you gave our mother in her last was phenomenal.  You showed her love, compassion and dignity to the end of her life.  We are so blessed to have such a great Hospice Team in Warren.”

There are no words to describe our gratitude for all your caring and guidance in our time of need.  The Hospice program has helped countless through the most difficult of times.  You are all so appreciated!”

 “Thank for all the good you do and your unselfish love for strangers.”

 “All during Mom’s final illness the work we will never forget are “What would we do without Hospice?”  From the day we all met  (your nurse) at the hospital our live changed forever.  She came when we were at our lowest and brought us hope.  You are an amazing group of people who were able to make Mom’s last month of life memorable. Without all of you we wouldn’t have been able to bring Mom home to look at the river she loved surrounded by her family.  We are forever grateful to all of you for making her death a celebration of her life and ours.”

Our heartfelt appreciation for every one of you.  How very blessed we were to provide such a beautiful final gift to Mom.  It was just as she wished ….What peace we have in our hearts for that…..And for you.”

Thank you so much for your excellent and very loving care for our (loved one).  You were there when we needed you doing every thing we needed.  We deeply appreciate your expertise and personal involvement.”

Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to your organization.  (Our loved one)  received extraordinary care which was only made possible through your caring nurses, aides, and staff.  Thank you all so very much and may God bless each and every one of you always.”

I would like to express our thanks for the care and support you gave (our loved one).  I never really knew what your organization did but I know now what a valuable service you provide.  I can’t say enough about what you did for (our loved one).”

With the deepest appreciation we thank you for the time, the care, kind works and in general making our (loved one) feel comfortable and helping us in the process.  You are a great group of people, a great organization!”

We are sure you get beautiful thank you’s all the time but we wanted the whole Hospice team to know that your care, support and special attention to our family and especially our mother made her final months a comfortable and blessed event to the very end.  It has been a privilege to have all of you share in not only our mother’s journey but our father’s and grandmother’s as well.  May God bless you all.”

We had known of and supported Hospice for some time, but were note aware of just what they did or of how good they were what they did.  I was truly impressed as was our entire family. We all feel very strongly positive about your organization.”

Super people doing a great job with much dignity.  I can’t begin to explain how much you’ve meant to me.  Your help was so needed.”

Hospice is a wonderful “family.”  Every one made us comfortable before and after our loved one’s death.  Hospice was described in my family as a team of very caring people that go above and beyond their duties.  WE are so grateful for everything Hospice did (and are still doing) for us.  Hospice should be proud of their program and the people they have working for them.  Thank you for all you do!”

The Hospice team and Hospice Management were all very kind, knowledgeable, and provided the highest quality of care not only to our loved one but to our whole family during that time in our lives.  They all played a very important part to each and every one involved.” 


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