More about the Hospice of Warren County difference

Hospice of Warren County is the only not-for-profit Hospice program providing comprehensive services to all of the Warren County area.

· We provide care for patients regardless of their ability to pay.

· Our patients and families come first. We consider end-of-life care too personal and too important to be driven primarily by business decisions. We do what is best for the patients whom we are privileged to serve, while acting with sound financial management. Patient care plans are always individualized.

Our financial resources are used to benefit our patients, their families, and the community instead of paying dividends to shareholders.

· Local concerned doctors, nurses, clergy, and community leaders making decisions with local sensibilities – not out-of-town executives. The governance decisions of Hospice of Warren County are made by highly educated, respected, and committed members of this community, not by out-of-town executives. Board members include local physicians, nurses, educators, clergy, bankers, business leaders, and those who have had a family member cared for by Hospice of Warren County.

· We are leaders in professional and community education and advocacy for end-of-life care. It continues to be part of our mission to offer high quality education to our community in areas of dying, death, grief, and survival.

From the very beginning in 1979, our reputation for compassionate, personalized care defined our mission. We were then—and still are today—much more than a “place.” We provide a positive end-of-life philosophy of care, tending to the full spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and their families … promoting quality of life … preserving dignity … indeed celebrating life.

Focus on the entire family
Because Hospice of Warren County sees the family as the unit of care, we offer support and understanding to them as well as to the patient throughout the course of the illness. It follows that care does not end for the family when death does come to the patient. Rather, our extensive bereavement services are offered to the family as they make their way through their grief journey to healing.

Quality, Compassion and Caring
The common thread woven throughout our years of service is the quality, compassion, and commitment of our Hospice of Warren County team: a highly trained and caring staff, Medical Director, and devoted volunteers. All of these very special people come together as a focused team, providing quality care, comfort, and love to the patients for whom they care.


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